I’ve created a utility to try and mimic what Dropbox does on Linux for Google Drive. Google hasn’t provided as yet a Linux tool to keep a local Linux directory and Google Drive in sync, unlike Dropbox.

The project is available here

The utility uses Google’s api library rather than using the REST api directly so integration with Scala was straight forward. I also provided some integration with the Linux status tray as well as using Swing for Scala which was something new for me. The utility is capable of being nohup’ed safely, and as it uses sbt assembly it is self contained, needing only a jdk 1.7 or greater to run.

My aim with this tool was to provide a way for me to backup files from my Linux box to the free 15gb I have on Google.

One comment I did see for another tool for Linux called “drive”, “Background sync is not just hard, it is stupid”. I’d agree it is harder than I thought, I’ll see how I get on now I’m using my own tool in anger as to how stupid I was writing it.